Art Light Box has been instrumental in developing the latest in luxury board game sets with the Dark Chess and Dark Backgammon sets from exclusive manufacturers Purling London. The sets combine the finest in British design and craftsmanship with a new and innovative game experience. Hand-made in England, the cutting-edge illuminated board technology lends a dramatic tone to the game as light and shadow play upon the coloured Staunton pieces – triple-weighted and crafted from exceptional quality hardwood. A pleasure both to play and observe, Dark Chess and Backgammon sets are a striking showpiece for any modern interior.


Founder and Director of Purling London, Simon Purkis said: “I first thought of the idea for Dark Chess when playing the game on a warm summer’s evening on a beach. As the sun set I found that it was becoming difficult to identify and differentiate between the chess pieces. It occurred to me that this added another layer to the game; an element of surprise and stealth! I recognised that the ancient pursuit of chess had no need to become more challenging, but playing in the darkness left me thinking… “


Purling London were responsible for the conceptual design and chess/backgammon board graphic while Art Light Box developed the detailed design for the illuminated boards over 4 iterations including the brand new battery powered boards.


The specifications of the sets include an illuminated 545x545x38mm, gloss white board, 34 hand-carved, triple-weighted, lacquered boxwood chess pieces, 10.2 cm high, Purling London branded leather felts, a Power adapter and dimmer, luxury Purling London packaging and  a unique certificate personally signed by the designer. The battery powered version includes an integrated dimmer & separate charging cable giving an 8 hour battery life on maximum brightness or a longer battery life when dimmed.