Karl Lagerfeld was immortalised as a 3D lenticular on 8th December 2015 by royal holographer and artist Rob Munday. A larger than life backlit lightbox version was designed and produced by Lite-House using the latest LED lightbox technology. Munday has created many holographic portraits of famous people over the last 30 years but is best known for his iconic portrait of Her Majesty the Queen created in 2003/4, the first ever holographic portrait of a member of the British Royal family and currently on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London.


In 2015 Munday was commissioned by Jefferson Hack/AnOther Magazine to create yet another striking 3D portrait for their very special fifteen year anniversary limited edition cover. The chosen sitter - the world’s most famous fashion designer and icon Karl Lagerfeld.


Munday transported his proprietary 3D camera system, which he originally designed and built to shoot the Queen, to Karl’s private photography studio in the centre of Paris where he conducted the shoot. He took a sequence of fifty high resolution photographs whilst translating the camera along a two meter long track, recording the sitter from different angles of view.

Munday then post processed the images using proprietary software and used the medium of lenticular imaging to create the final 3D portrait. Munday not only conducted the shoot but also hand crafted the limited edition copies that appeared on the front cover of the magazine.


The magazine was launched on the 8th March 2016 during Paris Fashion Week at a special party in Chanel’s haute couture salon and Coco Chanel’s historic apartment in Paris. Attendees included Karl Lagerfeld, Princess Caroline of Monaco, and a selection of pop stars, super models and actors. The large format, 4 x 3 ft, lenticular portrait was also unveiled. A second ‘larger than life’ backlit copy was also displayed at Collette’s in Paris where the magazines went on sale and will later be displayed in Selfridges in London.